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    Getting in the Creepmas Spirit

    Besides decorating your tree and getting your gifts wrapped, how else are you to get in the Creepmas spirit?

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    A few weeks ago, I found a Nightmare Before Christmas themed pop-up bar that was close-by and didn’t hesitate to go. I was surprised to find one in Colorado Springs, since I normally hear about them more in larger cities. Back in Chicago, we never found one to go to that we either liked or wasn’t completely packed, so this was a nice treat (and yes I indulged).

    Do a little search on Google to see if there are any nightmarish themed treats near you! I’ve heard of a few in other states similar to what we went to, you just need to do a little sleuthing.

    No matter if you live near a far from a large city, a place where it snows or stays warm 90% of the time, here are a few other ideas to help you get in the Creepmas spirit…

    Find a Krampus Event near you

    Though Krampus has come and gone, his spirit is still alive and well through the Creepmas season. Up in Denver there is a 13th Floor haunted house that is Krampus themed and it sounds awesome! Obviously if you live in California, there’s a plethora of events to attend (lucky!!) but I’ve seen Krampus popping up all over. I miss being able to go to the Hofbrauhaus in Chicago to selfie with the half goat-demon himself.

    Check out a Christmas Haunt

    Just like how I mentioned the Krampus themed haunted house, there are creepy Christmas haunts out there as well. A few cities in Texas, Ohio and Tennessee have announced events, are any near you?

    Read Christmas Ghost Stories

    The tradition of reading ghost stories during Christmas goes a long way back in history. A fellow Samhain Society member, The Spooky Vegan, has a great list of stories to read. You can pick up an extra copy of O Horrid Night from my last-minute gifts post, to read at home. There’s nothing like sitting around a fire on a quiet night with friends and family to read dark tales of Christmas’ past.

    Watch Christmas Horror Movies

    Along the lines of reading ghost stories, why not watch a few Christmas horror movies as well? Obviously The Nightmare Before Christmas is perfect for both Halloween and Christmas, but what about films such as Krampus (I love the 2015 version), re-visiting Gremlins (a favorite of mine), All the Creatures Were Stirring (streaming on Shudder… do you have it? We LOVE it.), or A Christmas Horror Story? That last two are amazingly cheeky horror films with several stories told throughout each.

    Bake Gingerdead Men and Creepmas Cookies

    I mean, putting a spooky spin on holiday treats is right up my alley of course. This adorable gingerdead man cookie cutter is perfect for getting your Creepmas creations going. Or, you can go The Homicidal Homemaker route and make these delicious Krampus inspired gingerbread cookies. You can also make your typical Christmas cookies, just decorate them differently. Nothing like a touch of bats and blood on a snicker doodle. Annnnd, while you’re waiting on the oven or decorating, why not mix up some Halloween spirits but with Christmas flavors?

    Build Killer Snowmen

    Get outside in play in the snow! Make demon snow angels and killer snowmen, because, why not!? We’re due for some more snow this weekend and I mean if anything, it’s fun to creep out your neighbors and makes for good Instagramming, haha.

    What have you done for Creepmas so far this season? Do you have any other ideas? I’d love add some more festive things to our to-do list!

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