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Oh hey December, nice of you to sneak up on us! No but really, yesterday was just Halloween… I don’t know what’s happened but 2019 is over in 30 days. It’s wild!

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Although Halloween has come and gone so quickly, there IS still plenty of spooky goodness to enjoy, I promise! Today is Day 1 of the 13 Days of Creepmas and I honestly think I’m more excited about the decor than anything else.

Hence jumping right into decorating my Creepmas tree. Or Hexmas… Gothmas… whatever you want to call it- we’ve gone dark. I FINALLY found a decently priced black tree over four feet and I definitely squealed in the middle of Walmart. It’s fine.

I have been collecting things for awhile to DIY for Creepmas. I’ve had this image in my head of those beautiful black trees with glittering spooky ornaments that stand out against the darkness. Which I feel like is my heart’s aesthetic… (Dark and glittery… have you seen my Twitter profile? Haha!)

The first thing I want to say about crafting your own Creepmas tree decor is that you can paint just about anything! Most of the items I picked up to DIY were thrifted and found at the dollar store, but not looking the way I wanted. And that’s where paint comes in.

(Awhile ago I talked about how to thrift effectively for DIY projects, if you want some tips!)

For my tree topper, I painted it black, of course. Then I applied a thin layer of mod podge and dumped iridescent black glitter over the entire star. I left one side plain, so that I can turn it since my tree is up against a wall. (Don’t worry, I finished “glittering” it, but I’ll save showing that for the final tree reveal.)

The little bottle brush trees I found in the dollar section at Target and they’re going on my fireplace mantle. I just wanted to show how a little black paint can really change the aesthetic of things. Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one slightly obsessed with hunting down the Holiday goods at Target! Inexpensive and easily customizable decor!

Halloween decor is also perfect for Creepmas obviously. I saved two bags of small skulls found at the dollar store to paint. I could see these glittered and with bows on top too! So many different things you could do with these.

To turn them into ornaments, I bent and trimmed normal ornament wire to push into a hole I created with an exacto knife. A little hot glue over the hole/around the wire, helped “seal” it in place. Then, I painted two layers of white and let them dry between coats. I did end up using a small perler bead to the wire to conceal the hot glue as well.

Don’t they look eerie staring off into space with hooks in their heads? I had fun with these little skulls and they’ll look so good on my Creepmas tree!

If you want to get even more hands on with your ornaments, don’t forget about hand-making them! I’m obsessed with air dry clay (this is the kind I use often) and shrink plastic (like this). Though I’ve made so many things with both, I shared how I made my Spooky Terrarium out of clay and Halloween charms out of shrink plastic, right here on the blog.

For the clay, you can use an exacto knife to cut out shapes, mold them yourself for a nice 3D effect or even use cookie cutters! The coffin shape I’m using came from Michael’s, but you can find them on Amazon or Etsy too. After lightly cleaning up the edges with my fingers, I gently created a hole with the end of a paint brush.

The drying time depends on the thickness and size of your ornaments. I usually leave mine over night or up to 24 hours before I decorate them. I’ll show how I finished these coffins with my final tree reveal!

As for the shrink plastic, I really wanted some glittered ghosts in love! You follow my shrink plastic tutorial I linked above, and use those templates as well. Or, you can cut out your own shapes and continue with the tutorial.

Hint: Cookie cutters still work great for tracing outlines on the shrink plastic! Just remember, when put in the oven, the shapes will shrink to about a 1/3 of the size, so make sure your beginning shapes are large enough.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’ve had quite a bit of fun making Creepmas. And this isn’t even everything. (insert upside smiley face here, thanks)

Even if you buy your decor ready-made, you can always add your own little spin to it. Pinterest and Instagram have such amazing inspiration and there’s nothing like personalizing your own version of Creepmas! Make sure to check back here or on Instagram for my final tree reveal too.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas, and if you’ve been busy with DIYs, I’d love to see them. Tag me on Instagram and let’s get spooky and festive!

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