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    Three last-minute Valoween Garlands on a budget

    Valoween is this weekend and it’s not too late to have a small celebration of creepy love! Or maybe you’d just like a festive background for some Instagram shots. Whatever way you’re taking advantage of the day, these three garlands are each quick enough to knock out while watching My Bloody Valentine. Or Dracula.

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    Wood Bead and Tassel Garland

    What you’ll need:
    Δ Wood Beads (I found some in bulk at Michael’s.)
    Δ Liquid Rit Dye (I used Scarlet and Black.)
    Δ Black Yarn
    Δ Scrap Cardboard (To make the tassels.)
    Δ Containers (That you won’t use for food!)

    First things first, you need to dye the beads. You can definitely paint them, but that’s a bit more time consuming! I simply halved the bulk of wood beads and soaked them in the Rit Dye. Since mine floated some, I also used an old spoon to stir them around in the dye.

    I left them to soak for about 20 minutes, flipping them around every 5 minutes or so to get decent coverage all around. When I was satisfied with the color (the beads do soak the dye up some), I drained them and laid them on paper towels to dry.

    In the meantime, I created the tassels. Using cardboard that’s about the size you’d like your tassels to be (mine is about four inches) wrap the yarn around it (1). I think I wrapped around 50 times before I felt like I had enough bulk. You can do as little or as much as you’d like.

    When you’re done wrapping, cut a separate piece of yarn to tie the top (2-3). Then, cut the bottom threads to release it from the cardboard (4). Finally, cut another piece of yarn and tie it around the tassel to finish it (5-6).

    When the wood beads are dry, thread them onto your desired length of yarn and then tie the tassels on each end.

    Black Hearts Garland

    What you’ll need:
    Δ Wood Heart Shapes (I bought these at the Dollar Store!)
    Δ Black Yarn or Pom Pom Trim (I thrifted the trim, but it can be found at JoAnn’s too!)
    Δ Black Paint

    This one is the quickest to make in my opinion. Simply paint the wood hearts your desired color (black for me obviously) and when they’re dry, tie them to the yarn or trim.

    Love Bites Banner

    What you’ll need:
    Δ Red and Black Card Stock
    Δ Love Bites Template and Bats Template
    Δ Black Yarn

    For this banner, you’ll need a personal cutting machine (I have the Cricut Explore Air 2) or to cut the template by hand on sturdy cardstock. I’ve provided the template I created for this banner. Feel free to resize as needed or cut out more bats for your space!

    I strung the banner together using the same black yarn as the two previous garlands and then used washi tape to stick up the bats.

    I no longer have a mantel to decorate, but this space on the stairwell ended up being perfect. It just adds a little spice for me. And yes, I have a Valoween look I’m dying to do, with this as the perfect backdrop.

    Check out some of the other Valoween garlands I’ve made in the past by clicking here.

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